JOBS: Content Creator | USA

Content Creator | USA

Are you excited to work on projects with love brands like Adidas, BMW, or Louis Vuitton? Are you pumped for next-level media production, from social media to TV commercials? Are you ready to commit 100% and go #BDXORNOTHING? Then apply now and become part of the crew!

  • Develop creative and engaging TikTok/ Instagram ideas and scripts, tailored to various brands and personal accounts. 
  • Edit and produce high-quality podcast episodes for NewTrend Society, ensuring they are engaging and up-to-date with current trends.
  • Design and create moodboards for a fashion brand, capturing the essence and aesthetic of upcoming collections.
  • Edit and refine Reels and TikToks for a personal brand, ensuring they are captivating and aligned with the brand’s voice and style.
  • Edit Reels and TikToks, maintaining a high standard of visual and content quality.
  • Professional experience in content creation.
  • US Work Permit
  • Based in LA
  • Flexibility in scheduling your tasks, though some appointments will be predetermined by us.
  • A commitment to the role, with the understanding that work on weekends and public holidays may occasionally be required.
  • The ability to manage the challenges of working across different time zones between Germany and Los Angeles.
  • The capability to independently set project goals, execute them efficiently, and measure the outcomes effectively.
  • Willingness and ability to travel as needed for various projects and collaborations.
  • An obsession with the vision and the idea, driving you to deliver exceptional work consistently.
  • A commitment to giving 120% effort in all tasks and projects.
  • Maintaining the highest standards for yourself and your work, ensuring excellence in every aspect.
  • The opportunity to grow both personally and professionally within a vibrant and dynamic environment.
  • The chance to work with some of the most relevant leaders, brands, and creators on projects that make a significant impact.
  • A collaborative and supportive work atmosphere where your ideas and contributions are valued.
  • Modern office in Culver City.
  • Over average PTO.

Technical Proficiency:

  • Strong skills in Adobe Premiere for video editing.
  • Proficiency in Adobe Audition for audio editing.

Creative Editing: 

  • Experience in editing creative videos and Reels for big brands.
  • Ability to edit TikToks with attention to detail, including adding subtitles.
  • Experience in editing YouTube vlogs to create engaging and professional content.
  • Proficiency in editing podcast audio, ensuring clarity and quality.
  • Capability to create compelling podcast teasers.
  • Proficiency in Lightroom CC for photo editing.


Optional Skills:

  • Experience with Photoshop for advanced image editing and design.
  • Skills in Illustrator or other design software for creating high-quality graphics and visual content.